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JENEM  is a rising artist in Tokyo who is active in the international exhibition scene in Japan.


Her collection "No Longer Part of the Landscape'' was a series of black and white acrylic paintings on wooden panels that expressed her unique atmosphere.
The otherworldly forms that live in the white void transform in the new environment of the canvas.

Her new works express undulating changes of pink and crimson on canvas, and while they stand in a white, "empty" space, they contain a vague mystery.

JENEM   は、日本国内で行われるインターナショナルエキシビジョンのシーンで活躍する東京の新進アーティストです。
彼女のコレクション「No Longer Part of the Landscape」は、木製パネルに白黒のアクリル絵を描いた、独自の空気感を表現したシリーズでした。



2023    Three-person Exhibition, Eunoia, Studio CIEN, Tokyo, JP     
2023    Group Exhibition, Tokyo - DIVERGENCE, Gallery Le DECO, Tokyo, JP     
2019    Group Exhibition, Transitions, ICA Space, Tokyo, JP

Tokyo - DIVERGENCE Exhibition 


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