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JENEM (Jennifer Liza Hongo) is an Experimental artist residing in Tokyo, Japan.

Her art deals with physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation, and the beauty and intricacies of feeling.

Atmospheric and progressive in nature, her works encompass a realm whose subjects are shrouded in enigma. Marked by the presence of haunting entities, they inhabit an isolated void, at times surrendering themselves to it and giving way to abstraction. Perhaps due to their experiences, they've found a way to adapt, persist, or peacefully-coexist.

She draws inspiration from cinematography and soundscapes, a background in fashion and modeling, as well as the human experience.


Active in the Tokyo art and nightlife scene, she has participated in live painting events such as Tokyo Love Hotels at Sankey's Penthouse, film and dance projects, and exhibited alongside local and international artists in “Transitions” at the ICA in Tokyo, Japan, 2019. She works primarily in acrylic, sumi/watercolor, and digital terrain.






 JENEM (Jennifer Liza Hongo)  は、東京在住の実験芸術家です。


Jennifer Liza Hongoは、映像作品やサウンドスケープ、ファッションやモデルの経験、そしてそれらに携わる人々との経験からインスピレーションを受けています。

東京のアートとナイトライフのシーンで活躍する彼女は、Sankey's Penthouseで開催された「Tokyo Love Hotels」などのライブペインティングイベントや、映画やダンスのプロジェクトに参加し、2019年に東京のICAで開催された「Transitions」では国内外のアーティストと共に展示を行いました。

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